Try Everything is important for me.

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Do you know the song “Try Everything“?

It is theme song of “Zootopia” that is one of Disney movies.

A rabbit challenge everything.

AT first many people said “it is impossible for you.”

But she never give up and finally she solution the big problem of their city.

I sympathized her because I am small,weak and shy.

Now I am in Canada with a working holiday visa.

But my parents ,my friends and many people did not agree with my abroad.

And they said “it is impossible of you.” or “it is so dangerous ”

But now I am in Canada and I never feel dangerous or impossible.

Canadian are so kind ,honest,humorous and sometimes lazy 🙂

I am sometimes lazy even through I am Japanese so I think I fit Canadian style.

Expect I can not speak English well.



Everyday I think I wanna speak English well and fluently.

But I did not try to be so that and I always speak Japanese with my coworkers.

I think it is not good for me ,I wanna change myself, wanna speak English as native speaker.

Maybe it is impossible you think.

But if I give up I will never do that.

So I have huge dream if someone laugh me.



Now I am in Whistler,Canada.

I am working as housekeeper because I can not speak English well.

And I need to get money and staff accommodation.

But I wanna get another job in restaurant.

Maybe I can not work as server but if I work with English speaker,I can practice English.

I can get many knowledge or information from them.

So I try ,I will have an interview tomorrow.

And I wanna try to do skiing or snowboarding  but I never do that.

So I ask on Facebook.

Before I think Facebook is dangerous because they know me.

So I ask something or write something after then I get the accident or get involved in the incident.

It is not sure I know now.

And they tell me many information with kindness.



So I will try everything first.

I change my behaviors and minds.

Many thing become good.