If I were be good English speaker,I could share fun time with you…I wanna speak English more well.

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I ‘m Japanese so I can’t speak English well.

Is it true or not?

It’s just my understanding I think.

Maybe I know a lot of vocabulary.

Also I know it’s not enough for understanding everything for English native speaker talking.

So almost time I can’t understand their talking.

But if they use easy word I can understand their talking.

Is it good for them or not.

I think it is rude for them but I wanna understand them and tell more my information.



“If you wanna speak that language well you make lover who is native speaker  with that language.”

Many people said that but I can’t make a lover.

But I like my coworker and I wanna talk with her or him.

I’m so shy so it’s so difficult to talk from me even greetings.

So I make them misunderstanding that I don’ like them.

I’m disappointed of me.

But they are so kind and they always talk to me slowly and kindly.

So I wanna talk with them I wanna be close with them.


What can I do?

Maybe I need to practice and practice.

Just practice and try talk.

Sometimes they say me “Your English is not bad.”

This word makes me happy and cheer up.

So I try to talk well day after day.

And someday I wanna talk with them fluently English.

That’s it.